21 Jan 2011

B.Grimm to Invest 7.5 Billion Baht in Clean Power Plant

After 133 years of doing business in the Kingdom of Thailand, B.Grimm has been engaged in various business areas namely energy, transport, cooling, healthcare, lifestyle and real estate.

Today, the growing demand in the area of energy has driven B.Grimm to significantly elevate its stance in this field of business. In 2010, B.Grimm owns 3 industrial power plants. Among them, two plants are operated in Thailand and one in Vietnam. Apart from the current plants, four more projects are under preparation for construction and will be completed within the next four years. Five further projects have already been approved and another four projects due in the pipeline. With this magnitude of growth, it is aimed that the electricity production capacity will reach fivefold increase from 350 MW in the year 2011 to 2,000 MW in the year 2019.

Mr. Harald Link, Chairman of B.Grimm, said "We aim in doing business with compassion for the development of civilisation. Thai people will benefit from our business and will have sufficient electricity to sustain their lives and businesses. B.Grimm is in the position to offer world-class technology to ensure better lives for everyone. With the addition of Amata B.Grimm Power 3, we reach a capacity of 480 MW and cater for up to 100 industrial clients in Amata Nakorn Industrial Park."