Doing Business with Compassion

Doing Business with Compassion for the Development of Civilisation in Harmony with Nature

As a B.Grimm company we carry on a tradition of 140 years of doing business with compassion for the benefit of the country we operate in, always wanting our associates, business partners and society at large to experience progress, prosperity and happiness. We have an excellent reputation as a leading energy company with power plants that have been running at full capacity ever since their respective commercial operating dates. This success can also be attributed to the great support that we receive from our neighboring communities.

B.Grimm Power collaborates with WWF-Thailand supporting the Tiger Conservation Program at Mae Wong and Khlong Lan National Parks, aimed to increase the tiger population and help protecting their habitat.

Consequently, ever since we started our energy business in 1993, we have been focusing on improving the wellbeing of all communities surrounding our power plants, especially through community relations, educational support and environmental protection.

B.Grimm Power is committed to promoting sustainable development and good governance based on three dimensions: economic, environment, and social throughout our value chain. Find out more about B.Grimm Power’s sustainability as below.