Community Relations

We live where we work. Most of our employees come from the communities nearby, which makes our power plants a natural part of community life. Like all families in the communities, it is also important for us to live harmoniously with our neighbors, to communicate with each other, and to help out wherever we can.

We organise a great number of community meetings throughout the year and invite community members for information events and public debates. We open our doors for site visits and share knowledge about sources for energy, how we generate and distribute electricity and how we contribute as a neighbor to a better life for families.

Donations from our company support a variety of local needs, especially for schools such as repairing computers, awarding scholarships, providing solar ovens, or renovating libraries. We also contribute through the Community Development Fund. All our activities are directed to improve the quality of families’ lives around the community.

As a member of our surrounding communities, we take an active part in everyday life of our neighbors, often through volunteering efforts of our staff. We donate blood and support schools for the Royal Thai Army Centres. We also arrange activities for religious and traditional events, such as for Songkran Festival, Elderly Day, Children’s Day, and more.