Solar Rooftop

Why are many people using solar rooftops as another source of energy?

Solar rooftop is one of the simplest ways to move forward to clean energy by easily installing solar panels over the roof of the residence, factory or even garage. The process of emitting energy from the solar rooftop is very simple. It is done by converting solar into electricity, unlike other resources which involve the combustion of fuels to generate electricity. This means no carbon dioxide is produced and polluted the atmosphere, which is friendly to the environment.

How can solar rooftops help you save electricity bills?

The solar is free. Whenever you use the electricity that came from the solar rooftop, the electricity supplied from the conventional source is stopped or lesser. When you use less from the conventional source, the electricity cost will reduce as well.

Is it worth investing in solar rooftops?

Today, B.Grimm provides a one-stop service for customers, including designing, installation, and connecting the solar rooftop system. Furthermore, we would love to invest in the solar rooftop with our customers who want to use electricity from solar energy, so there is no need for the customers to invest on their own.

“Always saving while using solar power.”
More than 30 MWp from over 40 solar power projects for industries, buildings and factories across the country and overseas were installed by B.Grimm Power.

Benefit for our solar rooftop customers

1) Zero Investment
B.Grimm will invest, design, install, and connect the solar rooftop system following the long-term power purchasing agreement.

2) Engineering Design and High Safety
Ensure high safety for our customers with the highest standard of engineering design and installation.

3) Tier 1 Quality Product
For high-quality electricity, we only use high international standard products and equipment in our project.

4) Carbon Emission Reduction
Saving your electricity bill right away once the solar rooftop system is connected. It is also environmental friendly by help reducing carbon emission.

5) Free Maintenance
No maintenance fee for our solar rooftop customers, we would like to ensure the efficiency of electricity needs to stay at its best.

6) Monitoring System via Mobile Application and Web Service
Real-time monitoring on the efficiency and performance via mobile application and website.

Easy steps on how to have the solar rooftop installed at your place

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