Operation and Maintenance

We are committed to providing the highest quality energy and services to the satisfaction of our customers.

Generating and supplying electricity and steam are intricate affairs and we know every bit about it. Industrial users often need high voltages and lots of amps for processing their operations. Their overall energy demand may be very steady if the company is running a three-shift operation. The customer then has a high load factor, but often this is not the case.

As an energy provider we must have enough “reserve margin” to cover these events, especially when facing peak loads. Furthermore, our generators must be kept in synchronous operation with the grid and the amount of generated power must match the demand at any given time. Instabilities in the system, if not corrected, can cause power failures and blackouts, which potentially lead to lost outputs, destruction of raw materials, damage to equipment, or high restart costs in the production processes of customers.

Mastering this balancing act is a daily challenge for our Operations & Maintenance teams, and we are proud to say that we overcome this challenge everyday. Our engineers know our turbines inside out, literally, because we do most major overhauls ourselves - something that is unique amongst private power producers. From the beginning, our power plants have effectively been operating at maximum capacity, with service continuity and efficiency of the highest international standard.