Customer Benefits

Reliability and Stability

Industrial users need assurance of energy supply with a very high degree of reliability and stability. Without energy, all production would stop. Our energy system helps prevent factory production loss and enhances the quality of the production process. We have a spare gas turbine and deploy generators as a backup power source so that our customers can smoothly continue with their productions when grid disturbances occur. Our network also provides separated and short route transmission lines, which further maximizes power availability.

Comprehensive Service

Our customers benefit from a wide range of leading customer services, ranging from steam pipeline maintenance, high voltage service, thermo scan service, to electricity consulting. They are integral parts of our “energy-care-package” with electricity and steam, tailor-made for each of our industrial users. Moreover and most importantly: we are our customers’ neighbours. Therefore, we provide our operations and maintenance services around the clock.

Problem-solving Capability

What was a group of daring managers in the early days of our company is now a league of highly experienced professionals, which have already stood by our customers through two major macroeconomic crises. We have also gained valuable experience from successfully working together with world leaders in energy and engineering such as E.ON, EnBW and now Sumitomo Corporation. As a result, we are now considered as one of the leading Thai companies with profound professional experience, all accumulated for our customers’ benefits.

Dependability and Saving

We would like to assure that our benefit to customers is better reliability and higher stability with the lower price. Our service will be your benefit to lower your production loss from Power Interruption and saving costs at the same time.