Shareholding Structure

We started our business in 1993 when B.Grimm pioneered into Thailand’s emerging private power generation industry with B.Grimm Power as its investment arm and in the following set up Amata B.Grimm Power. Throughout the next two decades, we became one of the leading energy companies in Thailand as a strategic alliance of B.Grimm, Amata Corporation PCL and Sumitomo Corporation: key players in the fields of engineering, industrial estates and business management.


B.Grimm is a multi business corporation active in the fields of energy, building and industrial systems, healthcare, lifestyle, transport and real estate. The company was established in 1878, which makes it one of the most senior corporate citizens in Thailand. Throughout its history, B.Grimm has entered into joint ventures with well known Thai firms such as CP Group, Amata Corporation, Bangkadi Industrial Park of Thailand and leading Western companies such as Siemens, United Technologies Corporation, Carrier, Sumitomo, Merck, Maquet, Carl Zeiss, KSB and Hamon.

Summit Sunrise Energy Co., Ltd.

Summit Sunrise Energy Co., Ltd. develops power projects in Southeast and Southwest Asian countries and manages investments in Thailand’s power industry. The company was established in 2007 as a Sumitomo Corporation Group Company, one of the world’s leading general trading companies with multifaceted business activities ranging from selling a variety of domestic products and services, conducting import, export and trilateral business transactions, to providing domestic and international business investments.

Amata Corporation PCL.

Amata Corporation PCL. was established in 1989 and quickly became one of Thailand’s leading developers and managers of factory estates. Listed in the Thai Stock Exchange in 1997 first under the name Bangpakong Industrial Park 2, the company now owns three large industrial estates in prime locations across Thailand and Vietnam.

Bangkadi Industrial Park Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1987 through a joint venture between Thai Toshiba and Mitsui Group, Bangkadi Industrial Park Co., Ltd. is Thailand’s first private industrial park. The park has currently over 50 factories that have high levels of environmental management and labor unions, creating a better standard of living for the local community of over 20,000 people.

WHA Corporation PCL.

WHA Corporation PCL. is one of Thailand’s leading developers of industrial estates and the first to utilize the clustering concept with offered clusters for the petrochemical, automotive and other industries. The company owns seven world-class industrial estates along Thailand’s vibrant Eastern Seaboard and one in Saraburi province.