Message from Chairman

“Please allow me to express my sincere gratitude for all of your support and trust in B.Grimm Power, an affiliate of B.Grimm, Thailand’s longest established infrastructure company, established in 1878. We are one of the pioneers in Thailand’s private power generation industry and strive to empower the world compassionately as a world class energy company aiming to fulfill the needs of our associates, business partners and society at large by doing business with compassion in harmony with nature.”

We started our business, B.Grimm Power, in 1993 when B.Grimm pioneered into Thailand’s emerging private power generation industry with B.Grimm Power as its investment arm and in the following joined with Amata Corporation, Thailand’s leading industrial estate developer to set up Amata B.Grimm Power. Throughout the next two decades, Amata B.Grimm Power became one of the leading energy companies in Thailand as a strategic alliance of B.Grimm, Amata Corporation and Sumitomo Corporation - key players in the fields of engineering, industrial estates and business management.

In our 140th year as a Thai corporate citizen, B.Grimm has been the oldest infrastructure developer in Thailand since the late 1800s. During that time, the company joined with the Snidvongse family to build one of Asia’s largest infrastructure projects, the 1,500 km Rangsit canals. Later, in 1907, King Chulalongkorn, HM King Rama V, wrote in one of His published letters about B.Grimm’s technological advancements in B.Grimm’s telegraph concession. In the decades following World War I and II respectively, the Royal Thai Government considered it their task to develop Thailand’s infrastructure. Only in the early 1980s the Royal Thai Government opened infrastructure operations to the private sector, first the telecommunication market, then some tollroads and then in the 1990s mass transit and electricity generation plus selected distribution. B.Grimm seized this opportunity, in the beginning with Amata Corporation in Amata industrial estates and later with other industrial parks in theirs.

Today we are also one of the leading Thai companies in renewable energy with multiple projects in solar, hydro and wind power in a number of countries.

Ever since then we have embarked on a journey of success that has been possible through the dedication of our highly professional management and associates, our highly supportive partners, our trusted financial institutions, our shareholders, our contractors and suppliers and our highly appreciated and thriving customers, who have been loyal to us since our first commercial operation date in 1998.

We believe building family-like relationships with our business partners is the key to mutual success and future growth. The synergy created together with our strategic partners increase our business capabilities in the power business resulting in supporting the countries’ energy security and sustainable economic and social development. This, in the end, will enable us to empower the overall economic and social development potential. With local and international partners, we expand our business across ASEAN countries to ensure the future energy security of the region.

B.Grimm will continue what we have been doing for the past 140 years and B. Grimm Power for the past 25 years by conducting our business with compassion.

In the past five years our consolidated revenues have grown from 13,804 million baht in 2013 to 31,482 million baht in 2017 with a current capacity of 1,646 MW. We have Power Purchase Agreements signed for a further 872 MW and continue to grow.

I would like to thank all of our stakeholders for being part of our success and being part of our future.

With kind regards,

Harald Link