Energy Business

The world’s energy consumption is steadily increasing and will continue this trend throughout the next decades.

Conservation and efficiency improvement programs help to reduce the growth rate of energy consumption, but their effect is not large enough to stabilize consumption at current values. In Thailand and the ASEAN region, electricity demand continues to grow significantly, which we can also see among our customers. As a response, we plan to invest more than 100 billion baht in power plant projects both domestically and abroad over the next five years.

We are one of the largest Private Power Producers in Thailand

On a national level, building smaller decentralised units such as our power plants allows for a more gradual match between energy demand and supply, which minimises excess capacity and significantly benefits the stability of the entire energy supply system. As a private power producer, we contribute to Thailand’s economic growth by providing the highest quality electricity and steam using state-of-the-art technologies, as well as help to reduce the country’s public debt from infrastructure investments.

Developing new power plants is becoming more complex in terms of new technologies, project financing and sourcing of qualified personnel, while local communities are increasingly concerned about the impact of new power plants on their wellbeing. There is a need for more public awareness for the real cost of supplying energy and the important role played by private power producers in terms of energy stability, efficiency and environmental protection.

We will continue to follow our vision of “Empowering the World Compassionately” and build on our reputation as one of the most successful developer and operator of power plants, as well as providing premium services to customers with reliable, clean and competitively priced electricity and steam.