Career Opportunities

We have an ambitious vision: to em-power the world compassionately. We invest 2.1 billion USD in new power plants under B.Grimm Power to become Thailand’s largest Small Power Producer (SPP) by 2019. For this journey we are constantly looking for compassionate talents with excellent skills, pioneering spirit, and a dedication for world-class standards.

Professionals, who have already established work experience and want to fully utilise their strengths, will find an engaging and positive work environment at our company that gives them room for development and a purposeful future.

The diverse spectrum of activities at our company, ranging from engineering, finance, marketing to communications, also provides many opportunities for graduates to prove their talents.

Our young professionals get insights into various departments, all in close contact with our experts and managers so that they can learn from our best-practices. We also offer opportunities to aspiring students under our internship program. Students gain first hands-on experience and are encouraged to share fresh unconventional ideas with us. They also get a firstglimpse of what it feels like to work in a company that does business with compassion.

Applications by disabled persons are always fully considered, bearing in mind the aptitudes of the applicants concerned. Should one of our employees become disabled, we make every effort to keep our staff in the company and arrange appropriate training. In our company, everyone has the chance to make career.

Contact for your career

Please contact our Human Resources Department for available job positions.
Tel. +66 (0) 2710 3078 and +66 (0) 2710 3091