Compassionate Professionals

At our company we have all kinds of people: Thais and foreigners, managers and engineers, women and men, all of different colours, religions, and from different generations, all under one roof. What we have in common, however, is that we are all humans and possess compassionate potential. Compassion, in essence, is the heartfelt wish that everyone experience well being and happiness. In the tradition of the B.Grimm, we believe that we should nurture this wish in everyone to bring about a positive impact for all. As professionals at work, we believe we can realize compassion by adhering to our core values: professionalism, positivity, partnership and pioneering spirit.


We strive for excellence and world-class standards on all levels: be it in developing or operating power plants.We demonstrate a high level of expertise as well as the necessary diligence for serving premium energy and service toward our customers’ fullest satisfaction. We emphasisze life-long learning, strong accountability and thinking forward to ensure the sustainability of our business. The better we are in our work, the more successful we are as a company and the greater we can serve surrounding communities and Thai society.


To achieve world-class level, we work with positivity, demonstrate a strong can-do-attitude and stay flexible and tolerant in the face of difficulties. We have a passion for positive leadership, the idea to lead by focusing on each other’s individual strengths, which creates an inspiring and supportive work environment. Throughout the ups and downs of business, we continue to treat each other with respect and empathy because we look out for the compassionate potential in everyone.


We work together as a team, among each other, with our customers and with our partners. We constantly build, maintain and value trustworthy relationships to bring well being, prosperity, and happiness to others. We are always looking for a win-win solution even though we may sometimes be in a more advantageous position than our partners. It is simply fair and it is probably one of the reasons why we could successfully cooperate with world leaders in energy and engineering such as E.ON, EnBW and Sumitomo Corporation.

Pioneering Spirit

We aim to be the leader in the power business, since the beginning of the company, To accomplish that, we have to stay active in what we do and always seek out new opportunities in both investment and development. We encourage our employee to exchange their knowledge and ideas across teams. We consider all creative possibilities from our people and global experts such as Energy China and KEPCO, to fulfil our ambition of empowering the world compassionately.